Working for Social justice reform.


We advocate for youth and families within the criminal justice system and take special interest in the rights and needs of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and the communities impacted by the system.




Reform from within the Justice System

Our founder Nate Williams works with adults and youth within the juvenile and adult prison system to help rehabilitate, educate, and prepare individuals for life beyond the criminal justice system. As well as working side by side with programs to help change the justice system and how sentencing, programs, and funding are administered for the people.

Community Outreach

Choices for Freedom focuses on life beyond the prison sentence. We seek to help families of those currently incarcerated, as well as the communities affected by mass incarceration. We work to develop and participate in education, health, employment and housing equity. Our role in the community is to do outreach work that leaves no one behind as we fight against recidivism

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