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Choices for Freedom

With a vision of equitable social justice, we advocate for the rights and needs of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and our communities impacted by mass incarceration.

With Lived Experience, we develop and deliver effective programs, incorporating life skills and healing into the Arts and Humanities.




Reform from within the Justice System

Choices works with youth and adults in the juvenile and adult prison systems to help motivate, educate and prepare people for life beyond bars. We work to deter youth from entering the system, and advocate to help change the system and the way that sentencing and funding are administered, to focus on prevention. 

In the Community

Choices for Freedom seeks to lift up communities and families affected by mass incarceration. We work to develop and deliver programs for healing, education, health, employment and housing equity. Our outreach is focused on engaging people in creative ways, leaving no one behind as we work to improve opportunities for success.  

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